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February 1999

World-Renowned Lecturer and Author to Share His Views on the Corporate Life Cycle

DR. ICHAK ADIZES, Founder and president of the Adizes Institute, will be the keynote speaker at PMMI's 1999 Spring Meeting. The meeting will take place April 12-17, 1999, at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Mexico.

Dr. Adizes consults to both business and political leaders throughout the world in the field of conflict and change. The Adizes program for managing organizational change has been used successfully by more than 500 companies in a variety of industries and cultures, ranging from Fortune 100s to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Adizes' session is designed for both executives and their spouses because he will discuss the life cycles of businesses, families and society. Al people and businesses have life cycles. A person si born, grows from child to adult, matures into middle age, etc. Organiza- tions also have life cycles and predictable patterns that identify their life-cycle stage. Adizes wil show attendees how to "harness the energy created by normal transitional problems and to differentiate them from abnormal problems that wil inhibit growth and be destructive to” organizations, families, even whole societies.

"The Spring Meeting is focused on enhancing our roles as leaders in our companies, families and communities. Leadership has a profound impact on any organization," commented Rich Kalich, PMMI's vice chairman and the 1999 Spring Meeting program director.


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