An international bestselling author, Dr. Adizes has published nearly 30 books, and many have been translated into 36 languages. His 1990 blockbuster, Corporate Lifecycles: How Organizations Grow and Die and What to Do About It (subsequently revised, expanded, and republished as Managing Corporate Lifecycles), was named one of the “Ten Best Business Books” by Library Journal.

The Accordion Player
My Journey from Fear to Love

Seeing every challenge as an opportunity, Dr. Ichak Adizes reveals how he went from being a child imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp to one of the greatest business management thinkers of our time. Dr. Adizes’ personal story details a string of external events that propelled him through adversity after adversity, and led him to become the insightful, compassionate person he is. It is the story of a journey into his own heart, which—like the accordion he so passionately played to feed himself and gain an education—expanded and opened, to allow him to accept the universal truths that connect us all in our humanity. The Accordion Player is an account of a remarkable life—an unvarnished view of a man who was marginalized, but eventually overcame the trauma of his youth to find happiness, success, and love. His inspiring journey reminds us that hope is not lost.

"The Accordion Player: My Journey from Fear to Love is one of the best books I have read so far. Just like Man’s Search for
Meaning, written by Victor Frankl, who was also a Holocaust survivor, this book leaves a deep impression on the minds of the readers, inspiring
them to overcome fear by embracing love."

— Daaji,
Spiritual guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide
What Matters in Life
Lessons I Learned from Opening My Heart

Imagine a world in which we are respected for being different, where we are free to embrace diversity, where we accept each other’s differences because we learn from them. Through the essays contained in What Matters in Life, Dr. Ichak Adizes—a Holocaust survivor and an internationally recognized expert in organizational therapy—illustrates how to build a foundation for a happier life and stronger relationships. Let it be your guidebook for learning how to recognize and embrace uplifting, life-affirming experiences.

"Ichak Adizes’s drive and smarts made a major contribution to better understanding human nature, especially human beings in personal and corporate environments. He developed a blueprint, a strategy, a process to improve human relations while at the same time increasing productivity and respect."

—Abraham Foxman,
Former National Director of the Anti-Defamation League

Special Edition Box

By purchasing this special edition, you'll be making a positive impact by supporting education and research through a portion of the proceeds going to the Adizes Graduate School funds. Unlock the secrets to a happier, more fulfilling life with the wisdom of Dr. Ichak Adizes in this special edition box set, featuring two transformative books, "What Matters in Life" and "The Accordion Player". In "What Matters in Life", Dr. Adizes shares his insights on the importance of embracing diversity and differences in our relationships, offering practical advice and life-affirming experiences for building happier, stronger relationships. In "The Accordion Player", Dr. Adizes invites readers on a personal journey through his own life, marked by overcoming adversity and embracing change, growth, and the universal truths that connect us all. This special edition is a powerful guide to self-discovery and transformation, filled with inspiring stories, practical wisdom, and a roadmap for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Mastering Change
Introduction to Organizational Therapy

Mastering Change is an insight-rich, masterful tour de force that provides a pragmatic blueprint for guiding your organization through accelerating change. Written for leaders, managers, strategists, team builders, and change agents—this book captures the transformational strategies, systems, mindsets, and experiences Dr. Ichak Adizes has gleaned from over fifty years of providing his worldwide services in leading change. Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

“Adizes is one of the truly great innovators of our times. He cuts through pretentious management principles to get to the core of what it takes to bring about effective change in organizations.”

Dean Emeritus
Columbia University School Of Business, USA

The Power of Collaborative Leadership
Tested Practices for Today's World

In The Power of Collaborative Leadership, highly acclaimed organizational therapist, Dr. Ichak Adizes, provides unprecedented insights into the new archetypes for successful management. To support diversity and complementary managerial styles on the same team, the Adizes® Symbergetic™ Methodology gives leaders the tools to make conflict constructive. What makes a leader effective today is not what they know but what they are: a person that commands and builds an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect.

“While early promotions in one’s career are due to excellence in a professional discipline, promotions to key management positions hinge upon excellence in interpersonal skills. This book is the culmination of Dr. Adizes’ theoretical studies, vast experience and great intuition. It will help you understand and better deal with subordinates, peers and specifically your supervisor.”

Executive Vice President
Applied Materials Inc.
Management/Mismanagement Styles
How to Identify a Style and What To Do About It

Your success or failure as a leader depends on how well you can identify, integrate, and manage those with different management styles. Can you honestly say that you recognize good management when you exercise it or see it in others? Can you identify mismanagement when it is cloaked in ambiguity (and before it ruins your organization)? With this book, Dr. Ichak Adizes—one of the world’s top thought leaders on management—can help you answer these two questions with a resounding “YES.” It is a must-read that will equip you to expand your perceptions, inspire others, and develop an edge.

“With masterful writing based on tens of years of real life experience, Dr Adizes brings to life characters that are the archetypes of managers we all see around us. Then he takes it one step further by showing us how to fix the unhealthy components of any given mutation.”

Chairman And CEO
Clicksoftware Inc.
Managing Corporate Lifecycles
Diagnosing and Treating Organizations for Optimal Health

As a leader, you must make a decision: either proactively and analytically manage your corporation throughout its lifecycle or allow your corporation to spiral out of control. Managing Corporate Lifecycles will equip you with the know-how, tools, and confidence to guide and govern every stage of your organization’s lifecycle. Written by Dr. Ichak Adizes, a world-renowned expert on how to effectively lead change, this book will give you the footing to help you hit your stride as a high-performing leader.

“Adizes provides help to everyone in his latest book, no matter where you are in your life cycle. His wisdom is basic to being a successful manager, father, husband and leader. There are no limits to what you can achieve if you can strengthen and overcome your own weaknesses through teamwork and improved communications. Adizes provides the insight to help you do it.”

Plum I Managing Director And Plum II Director And Venture Partner

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