Born in Skopje, Macedonia (birthplace of Mother Theresa) in 1937, at five years old Dr. Adizes was sent with his extended family to Monopol, a Nazi concentration camp, from which only his immediate family escaped.


After earning his BA in economics and political science in 1962 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Adizes went on to earn his MBA (1965) and PhD (1967) at Columbia University in New York City.

Academic Background

A faculty member with the Columbia University Executive Programs from 1968–1978, Dr. Adizes was also a visiting professor at Tel Aviv University (1970 and 1972), Hebrew University (1970), and Stanford (1973). From 1976–1982, he served on the faculty of the UCLA Graduate School of Management.


Dr. Adizes holds 21 Honorary doctorates from 11 countries, a lifetime achievement award from the International Academy of Management, the Ellis Island Award, the Quality Award and Makarenko Medal from Russia, and in 2017 PRovoke Media  named him one of the “Top 10 communicators in the World.”
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Consulting background

Dr. Adizes has consulted with companies (including some on the Fortune 100 list) in over 50 countries, and to Presidents and Prime Ministers in eight countries.
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An avid speaker, Dr. Adizes has made presentations to top executives in over 50 countries, and to an estimated 250,000+ in-person participants, and to several million viewers online.

Holmes report, 2017


With nearly 30 books in print, many that have been translated into 36 languages, Dr. Adizes continues to write about his research and discoveries.
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Developer of the Adizes Methodology for Organizational Therapy

Developer of the idea that accelerated change, when managed properly by a collaborative leadership, can avoid destructive conflict and achieve exceptional results. Using the Adizes Methodology and the guidance of the Adizes Institute, client companies have grown from $12 million to $4 billion.
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Founder of the Adizes Institute

The Adizes Institute Worldwide was founded in 1972. With client companies in 72 countries, it provides a variety of programs and services designed to manage accelerated change without destructive conflict. The Adizes Institute also trains and certifies organizational therapists and C-level executive coaches.
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If you want to know more about Dr. Adizes life, we recommend you to read his new autobiography book:

The Accordion Player

My Journey from Fear to Love