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September 29, 2023

"Quien Paga Apaga"

While traveling recently, an interesting anecdote unfolded. An executive and his wife, who were my companions, noticed that the public lights in our rented abode were left burning all night. Reflectively, the executive looked at me and uttered a Spanish phrase, "Quien paga apaga", implying, "Whoever pays, turns the lights off."


September 22, 2023

Understanding Corruption and the Imperative of Systemic Solutions

In Hebrew, a saying exists: "A hole in the fence invites the thief". It underscores the idea that vulnerabilities can tempt anyone with weak values. For instance, if that person encounters a fence with a hole that leads to a tree bearing irresistibly delicious fruit, the temptation to reach through and pluck some is considerable.


September 15, 2023

Formula For Success

Success in business, whether measured by profit margins, return on investment, market share, or other metrics, can be understood as a delicate balance between two key factors: external integration and internal cohesion.


September 8, 2023

On Learning and the Looming Threats to Society

Anchored in the PAEI model, we discern four dimensions of learning: learning 'to do', (P), 'to know', (A), 'to think', (E), and 'to be', (I).


September 1, 2023

What Is Real

I do not understand the new craziness called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Some young people designed the globe on the computer and are selling lots on this imaginary globe. And people are buying. And an artist put his piece of digital art on the internet and sold NFTs of his art.


August 25, 2023

Excerpt From Dr. Ichak Adizes' The Accordion Player: My Journey from Fear to Love

.....Monopol was, and still is today, a tobacco factory and a warehouse. The Bulgarian fascists had converted it into a concentration camp. The idea was to collect the Jews from across Macedonia into one location and then transport them to labor camps or extermination camps. It was supply-chain management at its most efficient, and the Nazis were certainly efficient...